Furnace Installation in Matthews, NC

Gas, electric, standard, or modulating, there are a lot of decisions involved for furnace installation in Matthews, NC. It’s important to have a trusted HVAC company to answer your questions and make specific recommendations based on your home and your family’s needs.

Expert help lets you narrow your options wisely and choose the right furnace replacement, even when time is a critical element. As the new heating installation proceeds, you should expect a careful process that maximizes your energy efficiency, and a thorough cleanup upon completion.

Experienced Furnace Installation in Matthews

If you’ve been getting every last month of winter comfort out of your older heater, there will come a time when you consider another repair, or replacement with a new furnace installation. Recent models can also reduce your monthly gas or electric bill enough to warrant a furnace replacement.

A rushed heating installation on a cold winter day can be stressful. Whatever your reason for getting a new furnace, our trusted HVAC company is here for you with solid information. We excel at explaining topics like why a modulating furnace is both a source of luxurious, adjustable heat flow, and also highly efficient.

If you need to get a furnace replacement with a cost and efficiency that works for your monthly budget, we can help you run the numbers and use financing on approved credit. We’re here for you for the long term!

New furnace installations can include:
  • Standard units with highly improved efficiency
  • Advanced modulating furnaces
  • Ductwork repairs, zoning, and other passive efficiency gains
  • Indoor air quality improvements like humidity control
  • Smart thermostats and other advanced controls

Expert Furnace Replacement

The importance of experienced, local HVAC service has continued as a top priority even as heating and cooling technologies advance. At Acosta Heating, Cooling & Electrical, we’ve been serving customers in Matthews since 1972, providing generations of furnace installations in many local homes.

From seniors to new homeowners, people trust us for exceptional service and customer satisfaction as well as comfort. We’re not only a fixture in the community, we’re family run and familiar. Our experience, know-how, and passion to get the job done help our customers relax, knowing we’ll take good care of them.

That’s why we’ve gained over a thousand great reviews since Google started tracking, and many referrals to families and friends over more than 50 years. We’re a Matthews NC HVAC company you can count on for the long term!

Is a furnace replacement out of necessity or energy efficiency on your mind today in Matthews? Why not give Acosta Heating, Cooling & Electrical a call right now?

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