Surge Protection in Matthews, NC

If you want to keep your home and electronics safe, you need high-quality surge protection installation in Matthews, NC. The last thing anyone wants is a massive storm blowing in, frying your devices with every lightning strike.

From sensitive devices like computers, TVs, and game consoles to even hardy appliances like washers and dryers—your items are at risk.

But storms aren’t the only things you need to prepare for. Even small surges can shorten the life of anything on a circuit. Whole-home surge protection installation is your best bet in avoiding thousands of dollars in damage and replacements.

The Best Whole-Home Surge Protection Installation in Matthews

Most people don’t ever think about the importance of surge protection. Lightning strikes are pretty rare, so most residential homes aren’t in danger of major surges, right? Unfortunately, that’s just not the case. Every day, there are small surges across the power grid. With time, these events steadily fry your devices, usually without you even knowing anything is wrong.

Of course, major storms are also becoming more and more common. While a lightning strike right outside your home is rare, the risk is always there. Plus, electricity can travel a long distance in the ground and it doesn’t take much to damage sensitive systems. Surge protection is an investment in your future.

Want to know what all you get with our surge protection services?
  • Protect your entire home
  • Improve device performance and longevity
  • Avoid expensive repairs or device replacements
  • Prevent damage to light switches and outlets
  • Peace of mind

Many people have smaller surge protectors on specific outlets, but this doesn’t protect the rest of your system. Plus, many of those smaller surge protectors aren’t strong enough to actually protect your devices when a major electrical event occurs. Surge protection installation is your best chance at keeping your home safe. If you have any questions, call in the experts and discuss your options.

The Best Company For Surge Protection Installation

When it comes to whole-home surge protection installation, Acosta Heating, Cooling & Electrical is the best in Matthews and the greater Charlotte area. Any form of electrical work requires extreme precision and expertise. We have provided unparalleled service since 1972 and we are always striving for perfection.

We are so sure of our electricians’ skills that we offer Peace of Mind Guarantees, including a “No Lemon” guarantee to replace faulty hardware, a Better Than We Found It guarantee, an Installation Workmanship guarantee, and even a Priority Emergency Service Guarantee. Because we’re a local company, you’re our neighbors and you deserve neighborly treatment.

If you need surge protection installation in Matthews, reach out now. Call Acosta Heating, Cooling & Electrical today and we’ll have our qualified electricians come out as soon as possible.

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