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Why Indoor Air Quality Is Such a Concern Today

Posted on: May 12, 2016

It is interesting that sometimes improvements have unintended and dire consequences that often go unnoticed and misunderstood. Such is the case for the many factors that have led to the decreases seen in indoor air quality. While better insulation is a good thing when it comes to reducing heating and cooling costs, it results in homes being so air-tight that there is insufficient air flow to give your home a chance for the air to naturally clean itself.

Indoor Air Quality Inspection in Charlotte, NC

When you add to that the influx of chemicals we unwittingly bring into our homes, such as what is used to create synthetic fibers for clothing, furniture and accessories, not to mention cleaning supplies and personal care products, and you have a veritable soup of nasty illness-causing toxins. Even if you make the most informed decisions, you cannot reduce the load enough to give your family the indoor air quality that would be best for them. Besides, there are plenty of other things that affect indoor air quality, as well.

The best solution for improving the indoor air quality in your home is to have an air purification system installed. A whole-house system installed as part of your HVAC system will continually combat the contaminants that would otherwise circulate unchecked through your home. Not only will your home be healthier, but it will smell fresher, as well. You may not notice the various odors, but they are there, so you’ll definitely notice when they are gone.

If you have questions about improving the indoor air quality in your Charlotte, NC home, give us a call at Acosta Heating and Cooling. We have excellent options for helping your family breathe easier and avoid the long-term effects of toxins in your home. Get that fresh air feeling!

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