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Busting the Myths and Stating the Facts about Heat Pumps

Posted on: February 26, 2014

A heat pump can be a really convenient and effective way to warm your home if you use it properly. Therefore, don’t let myths prevent you from having a system that heats to a healthy and comfortable level, while also being cost-effective. Here are the facts!

Fact #1: There’s no benefit in running the system when you don’t need it.

If you’re not using the room being heated, or you’re leaving home, it’s better to turn the heat pump off. A correctly sized and installed system won’t take long to reheat when you turn it back on.

Fact #2: Cranking the thermostat up isn’t going to heat your home any quicker.

Setting the thermostat on a higher temperature isn’t going to make any difference to how fast your home heats up. In fact, people who do this are actually causing their heat pumps to run less efficiently. Never set the temperature higher than needed.

Fact #3: Insulation Is important.

Good heating and good insulation go hand in hand.

Fact #4: Some heat pumps Are more efficient than others.

When you buy a new heat pump, be sure to choose one with the Energy Star rating. Energy Star heat pumps can perform efficiently at more extreme temperatures where others may struggle.

Fact #5: Size does matter.

And so does the installation. For heat pumps to provide maximum performance, they need to be the right size for the area being heated, and they need to be installed properly. Always ask a professional for advice about the size of your new heat pump.

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