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Common Culprits That Call for Furnace Repair

Posted on: September 27, 2012

Of course there are any number of things that necessitate furnace repair, certain problems occur much more commonly than others, as well as range from minor to potentially dangerous. Knowing what to look for can be helpful both in deciding how to proceed with the furnace repair process and also to help you communicate more effectively with your furnace repair technician.

One of the first things to check when your furnace fails to start is the thermostat. A faulty thermostat will not allow the furnace to recognize the need to start heating. The good news is a broken thermostat is also one of the more simple problems to have repaired.

If the furnace turns on, but one or two of the rooms of the house are not receiving air, the problem is likely to be in the air ducts themselves. Perhaps one or more of them are broken or have become blocked. This problem can become more difficult when the air ducts are in places difficult to reach.

If your furnace is lit, but none of the rooms are receiving air at, the problem could be the blower or the circulating fan. This problem will definitely call for a furnace repair. The blower takes the air from the cold rooms, runs them through the heat exchanger, warming the air, and then sends the warm air back into the house. A disruption in the flow of air can also cause overheating in the furnace itself.

Clogged, dirty, or blocked air filters can also cause problems and lead to furnace repair. It is essential to have clean and clear filters through which the air may move freely. Restricting the flow of air can cause unnecessary strain on the system and increase energy consumption. However, this problem is more an issue of maintenance. Make sure to clean your filters at a very minimum of once every three months during the use of the furnace; more often would be even better. Caring for and getting routine maintenance for your heating system will help prevent the need for furnace repair in the first place.

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