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How Your Indoor Air Quality Is Affected by Your HVAC System

Posted on: December 8, 2015

Studies have recently shown that the air inside your home can be worse than the air outside. For example, studies from the Environmental Protection Agency have discovered that exposure to pollutants may be two to five times higher within the home. Because of this, more people are concerned with how the air flows not only from the outside to the inside, but within the home itself.

One of the major factors that impacts your home’s indoor air quality is the effectiveness of your heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) system. Poor maintenance of your HVAC system can have a major impact on your home’s indoor air quality if left unchecked. Ignoring regular maintenance checks and forgo replacing air filters, clearing air ducts, and securing air leaks can not only lead to poor indoor air quality, but also to a less energy efficient home.

There are a few things you can do to ensure that your HVAC system is contributing to good indoor air quality in your home:

  • Ensure that your ductwork is free of debris. By ensuring that your ducts are free from dust, dirt, or any debris, you’re allowing your HVAC system to pump cleaner air throughout your home.
  • Change your HVAC filters regularly. This is especially important for those who are sensitive to airborne allergies. Filters with a high MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) rating trap more particles, preventing them from affecting your indoor air quality.
  • Seal up any leaks in your windows or doors. Bad air coming into your home from the outside means your HVAC system may be working against you and moving that air throughout the house. By sealing up any air leaks, you ensure your HVAC system is only circulating clean air throughout your home.

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