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What to Do When Your Furnace Is Not Working

Posted on: September 12, 2022

If your furnace is giving you trouble and you’re unable to keep warm, it’s essential to have someone you can trust to resolve the problem promptly — someone like the team at Acosta Heating, Cooling & Electrical. Of course, getting help with your furnace or other HVAC or electrical equipment means understanding that there’s a problem in the first place, so you know it’s time to make a call.

Today, we’ll look at the symptoms of a troubled furnace and what it might mean for your system.

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Signs That Your Furnace Isn’t Working

While some furnace issues are rather obvious—if no air is blowing at all or that air is ice cold—others can be more subtle. Be sure you don’t leave any of these issues to linger until it becomes a bigger problem—or leaves you cold on a freezing night.

  • The system no longer keeps you at the temperature on your thermostat
  • Strange noises or smells from your system or ducts
  • Constantly needing to relight a pilot light or flip an electrical breaker
  • Short-cycling, where the system turns on and off and on and off without hitting temperatures
  • Changes in humidity or indoor air quality

Troubleshooting Your Furnace

Check if your thermostat is turned off or try resetting your digital thermostat.

Often if your furnace starts acting poorly or not acting at all, the issue can be tied back to your thermostat rather than the furnace itself. Make sure your thermostat settings are correct, and if you have a digital thermostat, try a full reset according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Check your electrical and gas lines by testing other appliances that use them.

Problems with your furnace can also track back to the energy it uses—electricity and possibly gas. If a breaker is flipped or other electrical appliances on the circuit aren’t working, you have your culprit. Similarly, if you have a gas furnace and other gas appliances aren’t working right, you know what’s wrong.

Male arm and hand replacing disposable air filter in residential air furnace..

Change the filter.

If you haven’t changed the filter in a while, it’s straightforward for it to be blocked entirely up to the point that air can’t flow through your system. Of course, even without that blockage, if it’s been that long, go ahead and change your filter—it’s good for your system and indoor air quality!

Check the exhaust and intake vents to make sure they’re not blocked.

Physical obstruction of the airflow of your furnace isn’t just a matter of filters. Intakes and vents can be blocked by duct and debris—or maybe someone just moved something in front of the intake and stopped the whole system.

Choose Acosta for Emergency Repair

If your problem extends beyond simple thermostat resets and clogged filters, reach out to the experts at Acosta and get help as soon as possible. Quick action can save you a lot of discomfort and money in the future by getting ahead of breakdowns and severe damage resulting from a system in disrepair continuing in that state.

Contact us online or call us at 704-527-7401 to request help in Charlotte, South Charlotte, Waxhaw, and the surrounding areas!

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