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DIY Energy Testing for Your Charlotte Home

Posted on: October 4, 2017

Home energy efficiency is something we all work to achieve. It is not merely for our pocketbooks, but we want the best air quality available while indoors enjoying time at home. A DIY energy audit is possible with a step-by-step plan.

  1. Locate The Leak

Air escapes the confines of our homes. We are not always aware until the energy bill slowly begins to rise without reason.  By pinpointing the draft points, you save on home air conditioning.

  • Check windows, fireplace flues, and exterior doors. You can use smoke of any kind to wave around to locate the invading draft from otherwise sealed doors and windows.
  • Check exhaust fans, stove vents, and any other opening that allows outside air inside.
  1. Energy Efficiency

Technology is the way we live. What many do not realize is that regardless of the size of any given gizmo, energy turns into waste without check.

  • Even if you have set everything to the off position, some appliances will still suck energy. It is costly as well as dangerous.
  • DVR’s, Blu-Ray players, and gaming consoles often siphon energy in a non-conservative way. Unplugging devices is best practice to save money and energy.
  • Computers, printers, and speakers may be shut down. However, they still surge with energy. Putting devices “to sleep” still slurps power.
  1. Initial Inspection

Inspecting home air conditioning and heating units is a sure-fire way to do a DIY home energy audit.

  • Furnaces and your AC unit require attention. Energy audits are essential, but so is ensuring filters do not need changing. It is recommended you change the filter once a month.
  • If your home air conditioning unit is older than 15-years-old, you may want to replace the entire appliance. New units have energy savers that older units do not have.
  • AC maintenance may require you to check for dirt streaks in your ductwork and will need sealing with duct mastic.
  1. Lower Lighting

Estimations are that lighting eats up ten percent of your energy usage. Home energy efficiency lies within the lights that guide you and often forgotten.

  • Replacing older light bulbs with new, energy-efficient bulbs makes a huge difference in usage.
  • When buying light bulbs, read the packaging for lumens and lighting facts.
  • Consider sensors or automation if you tend to forget to turn out lights when they are not in use. Otherwise, make a check-list to remind you.

DIY Energy Testing in Charlotte, NC

Whether you require AC repair, AC maintenance, or a new unit, you may find it too stressful and time-consuming.  At Acosta Heating, Cooling & Electrical,  we pride ourselves in assisting you and optimizing home energy efficiency in the Charlotte, N.C. area for the last 45-years. Contact us today!

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